Market Analysis Tool Kit


  • Assist providers with optimizing their census

  • Determine where potential patient volume exists

  • Develop marketing plans to capture additional patients

  • Streamline pre-admission screening and admission decisions

  • Educate staff


  • Before we arrive on-site we will analyze market data from your acute care beds and primary and secondary markets to determine the potential volume in your market place by Rehabilitation Impairment Category. This will drive a recommendation for the optimal number of beds for your facility.

  • We also analyze your outcomes data by referral sources and physicians to formulate targeted strategies that will distinguish your facility as THE post-acute care provider of choice in your market.

  • On-site we will perform an operational review of your program to reveal your admission and denial patterns. We use that information to make recommendations for process improvement and develop targeted training with key personnel and physicians in your hospital for more consistent and timely procedures in the referral and admissions process.

  • We will develop short-term and long-term marketing plans for capturing more patients from your acute care, primary and secondary markets based on our analysis of your referral sources, your market potential, and your competition.


  • 60-day plan for increasing census and a 180-day plan for ensuring sustainable improvement

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