Improving Hospital Operations


  • Assist with pre-admission process and census development opportunities

  • Assess compliance with medical necessity and 60% Rule and identify potential risks and strategies to avoid payment reductions

  • Provide workflow opportunities to improve efficiency from pre-admission through discharge

  • Streamline documentation and data entry workflow

  • Provide discharge-planning recommendations to improve care transitions


  • While on-site we will assess your pre-admission screening process through observation, interviews, and admission documentation requirements. In addition, we will review referral and denial patterns to assist with consistent and timely procedures in the referral and admissions process.

  • We will analyze your admission percentages and identify potential risks and strategies to maintain compliance with the 60% Rule and capture additional admissions opportunities.

  • We will continue interviews with nursing, therapies, and case management to assess clinical workflow from admission through discharge.

  • We will perform documentation reviews, sampling open medical records to assess information flow and data entry requirements. This allows us to identify opportunities to improve efficiency while maintaining compliance. This review will include a focus on Quality Reporting Program data validation between the medical record and the IRF-PAI.

  • We will assess the discharge planning process and the effectiveness of interdisciplinary team meetings through observation and documentation review. Throughout the on-site review, we will provide education and training related to each component of the operational assessment.


  • On-site assessment and recommendations specific to your hospital operations from pre-admission through discharge

  • Education and training resources relevant to identified focus areas

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